About: Nathan Ball

I am a 24-year-old bachelor of English from Portland, Oregon. I am currently traveling and teaching English in Taiwan. My greatest passions include reading literature and writing about my experiences, riding my bike everywhere, gardening, cooking, listening to and making music, dancing, and hardcore outdoor activities like backpacking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. This adventure was motivated by the intrinsic desire to remove myself from familiar realms of comfort, which came to a boil about the time I graduated. Now I am here and loving every second... especially the parts where I find myself uncomfortable, vulnerable, and at the mercy of the compassion of others. I created this blog in order to have a convenient place to reflect on my experiences and keep in touch with everyone. However, I would much rather write letters. That is, when I have a permanent address and time to write them. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. The digital age has brought us many conveniences, but nothing beats the thought and care that comes with the physical effort of putting pen to paper and sending them to another. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words. I miss you all very much. Peace.

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